About RPS Toddler Zone

We understand how difficult it can be to juggle a home and family life with work, further education, impromptus affairs, seminars and workshops to attend along with extended family commitments. We also understand that sometimes, it can be important for you to just have time to yourself to re-charge your batteries.so here is a breathing space.

RPS is coming up with a new facility in our campus – RPS toddler Zone, where the below programs are offered in the toddler wing. The centre operates from 8:00 am to 8:00pm starting Monday to Saturday.
* Day care – ( 8 months onwards)
* Toddler Program – (1.5 to 2.6 yrs as on June )
* After School care/Extended Care ( Only for children enrolled with RPS currently)
* Emergency Care ( Only for children enrolled with RPS currently)

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To Know more about RPS Toddler Zone, Please contact us:

Advanced Campus: Call us at +91 99449 66990 or Email us at [email protected] or [email protected]
Parent Information
The following rules are laid down to ensure smooth running of the Toddler – zone
1.Sign-in/ Out Procedure: 
When the children arrive in the morning it is mandatory that the parent or caregiver of the child sign the child in on the classroom sign-in sheet.  It is also very important that you write down the correct time that the child arrives at school and any special information in the comment box.  At the end of the day, when school is over, the parent or caregiver must sign the child out as well.  Again the time must be accurate.  We are very serious about the safety of your child, and request you comply with these procedures.
2. Record Book:
Your child will be supplied with his own special record book.  This is used as a communication tool between parent and teacher. This book will be used for documenting your child’s daily activities at the centre.  And we appeal to parents to please check the books daily for messages or concerns.
3. Birthdays:
We welcome birthday celebrations( not mandate). Interested parents please check with your child’s teacher so they can make the necessary programme changes and inform you of the number of students in class.
4. Sick Children:
  • The Centre reserves the right to decide whether a child may or may not attend for health reasons. A sick child cannot remain at the centre and has to be isolated at home.
  • Please do not send your child to school if he/ she have any eye infection, diarrhoea, allergy…etc..
  • The centre must be notified of any infectious diseases immediately.
  • The centre reserves the right to obtain medical assistance from medical doctor in emergencies, and the resulting costs will be the responsibility of the parent.  However, we will contact the parents/guardian prior to the above.
5. Medication:
While the child resume back to the centre,Please write the dosage and times of medication in the MEDICINE BOOK JOURNAL and hand it to your child’s teacher.  Please do not leave any medicine in the bag as this could result in medicine not being administered or in a serious accident.
General Information
A. Child Care Rules:
Rules,rules everywhere. Here at the Toddler Zone there are only three rules that will fit every category. They are:
  •  Be respectful
  • Be neat
  • Be safe
B. If you are going to be later than the time Schedule, please notify the school so that necessary arrangements can be made.
C. In the interest of safety the school should be notified if arrangements are made for another person to fetch the child from school
D. You are welcome to discuss your child or any issue that you may wish to address or learn more of with our Teaching Staff. However, we request that you kindly contact the school telephonically prior to the meeting in order to schedule as suitable time convenient for both you and the Teacher so as to not interfere in the set teaching times of the school.
E. Any changes in personal details, especially telephone numbers and/or addresses, should be communicated immediately to the school to ensure that our records are up to date .

Admissions Open Now

For Toddler Zone(Play Group), Pre KG to Grade-8