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December 8, 2018
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May 8, 2019
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At the Frontier of School Activities

The education industry has taken a turn where staying stuck in the theoretical approach of books does not work. Interactive learning is important, especially in today’s digital age. Computer in today's era plays an important role and blending tech-infused learning with creativity is the demand of today.

Children right from pre-school to higher secondary, respond to engagement and interaction more than drowning in books. The activities at schools need to be out-of-the-box, where children should be able to grasp the concept instead of just jotting them down.

More than 50% of the Indian educational system is yet to bring in technology to classes. Smart classes in such a paradigm are pretty far-fetched. However, several schools are now embracing the modules of audio-visual education, which is making learning fun.

So, here’s what you need to do:

1. Lessen the Burden

Children as young as 4-year old are drowning under the pressure of workload, classes, examinations, and insurmountable homework. Due to such scenarios, children are losing out on the activities that truly make them kids and a part of the innocent journey.

By organizing special events like sports day, language day, science day, computer day and many others, children, instead of rote learning the theory from books, will be able to witness as well as visualize these elements that will not be in an open and shut book but a part of their daily experience.

2. Instilling Social Awareness

It is known that "well-begun is half done!" By instilling in children the right mindset and habits early on, adults lay the foundation of a good society where these children will grow up to be good citizens and assets to society. As a part of the school curriculum, children should be made aware of the large-scale social impacts in the world like environmental degradation, global warming, and pollution to name a few.

Some institutions believe in “learning by doing” and by illustrating the adverse impact of the social problems and implementing the solutions in the daily lives of children. For instance, in order to help them understand the negative after-effects of plastic, they can be taught about its nature and how its inability to decompose hampers the environment.

They can also be discouraged to use plastic and practice the lesson back at homes as well. Nature walks, planting drive and many such activities can highlight the current social demons and can make these children the harbinger of a better society.

3. Healthy Body for Healthy Mind And Soul

Recreational activities are an integral part of a child’s growth. By inculcating a habit of outdoors and sports can help improve a child’s productivity multi-fold. Sports and activities like martial arts, yoga, and dance can build their coordination, team spirit, and physical health.

Art and practical activities like robotics can help build the cognitive skills of a child, making them more attuned to learning and retain that knowledge. Learn how Rathinam International School is helping children build their cognitive and thinking abilities at the NITI Ayog approved ATAL Tinkering Lab. Skating, karate, chess, and swimming are some of the key activities that schools can incorporate to help build their students’ body, mind and soul.

Key Takeaway

School is not only about learning but learning proactively. By blending joy with learning, the current academia can completely revolutionize conventional pedagogy and make learning more fun for children.

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