We give equal emphasis on arts and academics. Under the changing circumstances of the present day life, it is not enough that a child is academically brilliant , he should be equally talented in the other areas of life too. The academics impart inspiring ideas on one hand whereas Art gives room for enriching the talents of the children. Along with the academic periods, we have included PT, Martial Arts, Yoga, Robotics, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Dance, Language Lab, Math Lab. Also we have House Activities and Club Activities. Children are divided into four houses and different activities happen on a regular basis. There are four clubs namely Sports Club, Quiz Club, Science Club and Literature Club. All these activities are being offered to every student. Students need not pay any extra fees for any of these activities. We encourage them to take part in all the activities.

We take our children outside the campus for field trips and study tours on regular intervals . It gives them lots of practical knowledge and they will be exposed to the various applications of what they have learned in the classroom.

We also encourage our children to do community services. They visit and contribute for orphanages and old-age homes on occasions. They enthusiastically participate in the collection of funds for the disables through the programme of Smile Foundation.

Sports activities also are given equal importance.We have facilities for Table tennis,Badminton,Basket ball, Foot ball, Chess etc. We conduct house - wise football and basket ball tournaments to encourage our children to have a healthy competitive attitude and real sportsmanship. Annual sports day is celebrated in a colourful manner.

Various celebrations are also been celebrated in a grand manner. In order to cultivate the equality in the young society the religious and regional festivals are also celebrated by involving all the students together. The National festivals such as Independence Day and Republic Day are being celebrated for enlightening the patriotism in the young minds. The School day is celebrated as a concept oriented School day every year on a grand stage.

Everything to meet the needs of the children and parents are available under one roof in RIPS School. Our aim is to create wonderful human beings with a strong faith in Divinity,compassion and social consciousness. Our children should be happy and comfortable in our campus. Our life is dedicated for that purpose.

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For Toddler Zone(Play Group), Pre KG to Grade-9