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School Stories To Warm Your Heart

School is often a land of stories where children weave out some of the best tales of their lives and remember them for years to come. The school establishes a foundation for life-long learning which can weave anecdotes and stories for a lifetime. School also is the land of stories which are sometimes inspiring and sometimes heartbreaking, but as it is the institution of learning, there is always a moral at the end of every tale and fable.

The Lunch Stories

So the concept of lunch breaks did not only involve food but the freedom of those precious 45 minutes to do things as a student please, without the supervision of their respective teachers. Lunch breaks are dotted with different categories of students. Some might prefer to sit in the corner or study; others might enjoy running, exerting their pent up energy of the day so far. Lunch breaks are a universe of their own, and it is indeed a particular time, etched in everyone’s heart who look back fondly to those days and remember their childhood and school days.

The Sports Period

Sports periods were the most sought-after school periods ever to grace a student’s time table. Enjoyed by both sports person or the quiet academician, sports periods had the children break free from their ‘shackles’ books and desks and indulge in some games that refreshed their mind, body, and soul. Sports days were an extension to the sports affiliations and were always an important annual event that had the competitive spirit soaring and status quo being challenged.

The Homework Dilemma

Homework and students have always been arch nemesis where the latter refuses to acknowledge the presence of the latter in their academic curriculum. From those completing their homework on time to those sneaking past the event of a confrontation, homework is a memory that is always etched in the mind of every school student across the world. Last minute submissions were yet another part of incomplete homework sheets which sometimes ended in undesirable repercussions in the form of the dreaded Parent-Teacher meetings.

The Parent-Teacher Meetings

This was the D-day for many and a moment of pride. Parent-teacher meetings were the moments where children were squashed between adults either listening to their praises of achievements or the angry suggestions for improvement. Believe it or not, parent-teacher meetings will always be an essential part of a school memory which will make every passed out student smile.

Teachers As Friends

It is true that many teachers were feared during times spent in school. However, as one grows, the student-teacher relationship culminates into a friendship that is always bound by respect and love for either party. Students who have graduated continue to stay in touch with their teachers who once taught the basics of education and life. Teachers are irreplaceable indeed.

Surprise Tests

A surprise that was never appreciated, surprise tests were considered as the bane of the education system and school life. For many students, it was the ominous presence that ruined their happiness and curtailed their freedom. However, surprise tests teach students the knack to stay prepared for any adversity and be quick to think about solutions that can save them in the nick of time.School memories are always there to be cherished and are a privilege to be remembered by all.

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